GoNintendo Thought: Star Wars will forever be a part of gaming

May the 4th be with you

May the 4th be with you, gang! Can't let Star Wars day go by without a tribute to the games of Star Wars! Some have been good, some have been bad, but it's been a wild ride nonetheless. As always, thanks for reading!


飞艇群二维码平台Today is May 4th, 2020, which is more often referred to as May the 4th in recent years. This is because Star Wars fans have chosen May 4th as a way to celebrate all things Star Wars, as May the 4th sounds a lot like "may the force," which is a very famous snippet of dialog from the Star Wars series. What started out as a fan movement to celebrate Star Wars years ago has now become the de facto date for Disney, Lucasfilm, and all things Star Wars to spread the word on one of the world's biggest sci-fi franchises.

飞艇群二维码平台Star Wars was a pop culture phenomenon right out of the gate with the first film. The franchise has been at the forefront of many minds as the years rolled on, and it's popularity paved the way for all kinds of off-shoots. There have been countless novels, comic books, TV adaptations, cartoons, and so much more in the last few decades. The Star Wars machine has been churning out content for a long time now, and you can bet games have been a huge part of that.

飞艇群二维码平台It's no surprise to see that the game industry is enamored with Star Wars. Every other avenue of entertainment has wanted to dip its toes into Star Wars, so of course gaming did as well. It's important to note that gaming presents some very unique opportunities that other avenues don't. Gaming is a way for the player to not only take control of the action, but also become a part of the story as well. Star Wars games over the years have let you reenact big moments from the films, see moments that were left out of the blockbusters, and even steer brand new stories in your own direction. Gaming lets us interact with the Star Wars universe like never before.

飞艇群二维码平台Nintendo and Star Wars have been partnered up for a long time as well. Right from the NES, there have been Star Wars games on almost every single Nintendo console and portable (sorry Virtual Boy). Developers from all over the industry have taken a crack at the franchise in order to put their own unique spin on Star Wars. We've seen retellings of the movies, new installments that introduce us to fresh characters, spin-offs for beloved franchise favorites, and much more. If Nintendo creates a new piece of hardware, you can bet Star Wars will find its way to it.

飞艇群二维码平台As with most licensed franchises, there have been some high points for Star Wars games, and dreadfully low points as well. The Rogue Squadron series received high praise from critics, and was followed up by consumers who were eager to gobble UP the arcade-style action series. LEGO Star Wars gave us a new way to enjoy the film series, with a healthy dose of new exploration and unique humor. Super Star Wars was an SNES game that really set the bar high for movie-to-game adaptations in the early days. Then there's titles like Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones on GBA, Star Wars on the NES, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Lightsaber Duels on Wii, and a barrage of others that just weren't up to snuff.

In an odd way, the Star Wars games have mirrored the Star Wars movies. Some of them have received tons of praise from critics and fans alike, others were bashed by pretty much everyone, and more still received an intensely mixed reaction. It's very rare for any franchise to have every single installment be universally praised, and when it comes to something taken so passionately like Star Wars, that achievement becomes harder still. Things that please one big group of fans will absolutely devastate another. You can only hope that the developers involved do their best to utilize the brand to create engaging content, rather than work with it for a quick cash-in.

Through all the cheers and jeers, all the behind-the-scenes turmoil and triumph, Star Wars has endured. The franchise still brings in money by the billions, fans in droves, and new content is being created all the time. That includes new forays into the gaming side of things. With a universe as rich as Star Wars, there's a near limitless amount of content to work with. Some of that content is going to work really well as a video game, and developers are still trying to figure out the best ways to approach that.

On the Switch, we've had quite a fair share of Star Wars content. While we might not have gotten EA's big budget Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, we've had plenty in the way of nostalgia. The Switch has seen two Jedi Knight installments, and Episode 1: Pod Racer is on the way as well. There's also been Star Wars Pinball, which certainly counts, but probably isn't at the top of the list when people are looking for game adaptations. What we do have to look forward to is Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which certainly seems like it'll be the next big thing for LEGO Star Wars and LEGO games in general. I'm sure plenty of fans are eager to grab that one later this year.

飞艇群二维码平台There are almost too many Star Wars games to count, and that number is only going to grow as we move forward into future hardware generations. If anything, it seems that recent Star Wars games have taken a lot more care with the franchise, instead of using it to exploit nostalgia for a bit of monetary gain. Let's hope that trend continues going forward, as the industry will certainly be a better place with high-profile Star Wars games. Millions of fans want to dive deeper into Star Wars lore, and gaming is one of the best ways to do so.

There are way more stories to tell in the Star Wars universe, and some of them are going to unravel through video games. I'm extremely eager to see how those play out, and I'm sure more than a few will remind me of why I became a Star Wars fan in the first place. I'm always ready to take on the next lightsaber duel, force battle, and yes, even pod race.

飞艇群二维码平台Now if we could just get a game version of The Mandalorian...

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The Star Wars games I enjoyed the most were the original trilogy on the SNES and Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike on the GameCube.

The Jedi Knight games are nice but if they see the Switch as a SW retro collection machine, then give us KOTOR Collection and Rogue Legacy.
There you go I even figured out the names for you, you're welcome.

Mon May 04 20 08:22am
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Too bad EA owns the game license of Star Wars which means at any point, they can just delist the others developed by Lucasarts and butcher them with microtransactions.

Which begs me to wonder. Why did Lucasfilm really decided to handover the license to EA knowing that they screw the IP more than the value of it?

EA's Star Wars: Battlefront in 2015 was such a financial success for both EA and Disney that Disney felt like they could make more money with less risk by lending their licenses out to other studios instead of having their own studios make the games. After that they signed an exclusive deal with EA and shut down all of their game studios besides a few mobile games divisions.

飞艇群二维码平台Of course, we got to see the results of that when Battlefront 2 became a huge disaster and several in-development games got cancelled right when they should have taken advantage of newly-released Star Wars movies. Disney let money blind them to the reality of EA and the way they work.

飞艇群二维码平台Battlefront is still not great due to having less content in the levels like Battlefront 2.

飞艇群二维码平台Still the point stands that had Disney been smart with this, we'd see more of Star Wars quality games than whatever EA does at this point.

飞艇群二维码平台Poor Virtual Boy. Always the butt of jokes and it wasn't even it's fault it was rushed to market and abandoned. Virtual Boy just needed 10 years in the oven. People wonder why Nintendo has such a cautious approach to VR gaming.

Mon May 04 20 10:01am
Rating: 2

I sometimes wish I hadn't grown up being such a hard-core Star Wars fan. I loved both it and Trek but as a child (to early teen) I would claim Star Wars as my fav. Videogames were a big part of why Wars always came out on top. As the movies began to slip (starting with the Special Editions [more 6 than 4 or 5 till they kept "fixing" them repeatedly] and culminating with prequels- each one worse than the next) I could still find joy and entertainment in the games new and old. The Lego games with perfectly mumbled parodies of the original trilogy, all the games that came out of the (since removed from canon) books (KOTOR, Jedi Alliance, Rogue etc....)
Alas, after being sold to Disney there just isn't anything left of what I loved and their decision to make EA SW's gaming limb is a solidification of just how bad it's gotten.


It's interesting to look back on how many Star Wars games I've actually played, and think of how they've greatly varied in quality.

飞艇群二维码平台I had a terrible Vader shaped plug n play and that rubbish Podracer game where all the characters had huge heads. But then I also played a bunch of Battlefront with my sister (though we didn't really play properly) and I totally loved the first two lego star wars games. I'm excited to dive into the new game when it releases though I haven't touched any of the more modern Lego games.

飞艇群二维码平台It's strange because I wouldn't even call myself a big fan of the series, but I've probably played more Star Wars games than anything else!

Tue May 05 20 03:09am
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If anything, it seems that recent Star Wars games have taken a lot more care with the franchise, instead of using it to exploit nostalgia for a bit of monetary gain.
...really? Because last I checked Star Wars games under EA, much like Star Wars in general under Disney, seem far more interested in exploiting nostalgia and whatever other form of bait they can come up with for monetary gain...

飞艇群二维码平台*sigh* ...would love to think a great future of Star Wars gaming is coming... but between EA holding the license for games, Disney wrecking everything else about the franchise, and having it all tied to this dreadful new canon mess... I just can't get excited for any of it...

What type of game would you make the Mandalorian RMC? Point and click? Side scroller?

I was an arcade guy so loved the arcade Star Wars. Had a Gamecube, but for some reason never owned the Rogue game on there. Been a fan since 1977, never was big on the videogame front though for some reason (loved the old WEG tabletop RPG though). Am looking forward to the upcoming LEGO Star Wars game.

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